Today on EN: Meg Kep on leaving the country

I can’t wait until Meg Kep, Sinead Halpin’s right-hand girl, retires from groomhood to launch a successful career as a stand-up comedian. Her latest, from Eventing Nation

From Meg:

This week is a big one for a lot of people. Currently eventers all over the country are packing up and fleeing towards the Canadian border.  SHE is no different. Although our SHE Mobile, with its unhinged window and broken door handle, is headed north without the Taterball. As Sinead, Sarah, Foxy, Shannon and Frank head to Bromont, Tate and I are getting picked up by a nice burly shipper and heading to our favorite digs at the vetport at JFK.

I have already given him his “don’t get loose on the tarmac or they’ll shoot you” pep talk, so we are all good and ready for travel. With a quick stop in Belgium we hope to be with our old friends at Maizey Manor on Thursday. So this means I have 4 solid days in the UK to train Tate up so he wins Barbury castle before Sinead gets there.

This summer is sure to be unforgettable no matter what the outcome. A lot of us have been marking the days off the calendar with big giants X’s, but I will have to say every day up until this one has been an amazing experience. The witching hour is finally upon us! So good luck to everyone at Bromont this weekend. And good luck to Tate and I as we traverse the big blue.  See you all in the olde country!



SHE finds inspiration from the best white people band to come around in a long time (and the reason the Gotye song is now played out:


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