Yum: SmartPak horse treat taste test

Some offices have vending machines. Other offices have, well, bags of horse treats. SmartPak’s Bjorn samples some banana-flavored snacks from the Cantering Chef.

From John: I think it would be a fair statement that I have never given my horse a new type of treat without taking a small nibble from it for myself.  I am afflicted with a combination of the delusion that somehow a horse’s tastes must align with mine and of course a healthy dose of curiosity.   Horses hate it when I bring carrots and apples to the barn because it is a certainty that at least one or two nibbles will be gone by the time they get them.  A few years ago I performed a review of SmartPak’s Peppermint Crush horse treats.  I found them to be almost delectable so I can certainly see why the SmartPak team would enjoy sampling an assortment of their treats.  The EN quote of the day comes from Brian: “yeah, the oats have a weird aftertaste.”  Go SmartPak.

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