Oh $h!t: Your most humiliating moments, captured on film

Poplar Place Horse Trials is taking place this weekend in Hamilton, GA. As a friendly reminder to competitors to fasten their seatbelts, we present a montage of Poplar thrills and spills.

Videos by kwilkes88:

But wait! There’s more.

All of which is to say, kids, when the going gets tough, remember to grab mane. And maybe invest in some Saddle-Tite.

But don’t worry, we have faith in you. In the words of a wise man named Ice Cube, you can do it–put your back into it. (Cue music video).

Go Riding.

Do you have a deeply humiliating moment, captured on film, that you’d like to share with Horse Nation? (It’s therapeutic!) Email it to [email protected].

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