The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito: 10 days and counting

I know, I know: McKenna Oxenden has only been counting down the days until her summer gig as a working student for Emily Beshear since, oh, February. But now it’s almost here, for realz.

From McKenna:

T-Minus 10 days. AHHHHHHHHH. I am so ready… but so not! I officially have my job “uniform” complete–a.k.a. my mom finally got fed up with buying me polos and breeches and cut me off!! However, I still have an obscene amount of jobs to do: Not only must I survive seven more days of school, which includes all my final exams, I have to clean my room from top to bottom, begin my mountain of laundry, start packing, keep up with Dorito (and his fitness!), AND figure out how I’m going to keep my clothes in the apartment. Yeah, you read right… I don’t know what I’m doing for that yet–whoops! Any ideas?Now that Emily has officially released it, I feel comfortable posting it on here. BRICKLAND IS HEADING ACROSS THE POND!!!!!!!! September 6-9, Emily and Quincy will hopefully be contesting in the Blenheim CCI3*!

Now, as we all know , going across the pond can be very expensive… what’s this you say? You would love to help?! AWESOME! Right now, Emily has a mini online store at her website where you can buy a Brickland hat or jacket, so head on over at get your awesome Brickland gear and help support her. I believe she will be setting up some other ways to donate as her website is getting REDONE! Oh, you don’t want to buy Brickland gear–you want to be more involved? Perfect, we have options for that. How about the two eventing camps Emily is offering this summer? Yes, that’s right youngin’s! One for Juniors (ages 5-15) and one for 15- and up!! In case you missed my last article, to sum it up, Emily probably taught me the best lesson I have ever had, so come on out and help Brickland get to Blenheim!!!

Dorito and I are trying to get as many rides as possible in together so not only can we be ready to impress everyone in Virginia, but ready for our redemption move-up. That’s right kids. My schedule is set. We will conquer Seneca Valley. After a long discussion with Emily, we both settled that I will be ready for Seneca so on we go. I’ve been drilling him on the flat and working hard to get our fitness level up and, of course, been very diligent with my jumping. Hopefully within the next 10 days I’ll be able to ride all the time and put lots of hacking in my rides and work in our grass ring, which houses our dressage ring, to nail our training level tests (and maybe figure out how to ride a 15m circle?) and hopefully set up a jump grid or two to really get me doing “nothing”!

Right after Seneca I will be heading to Surefire and one thing I am VERY excited about is the fact that it is looking like I will be heading up to New York to compete at Millbrook!!! Millbrook will mark my first-ever away event… I know, I’m a sheltered child. In case this summer wasn’t going to be good enough, it’s looking like it’s going to be even better than I thought it could be. I love my horse. I love my job. I love my boss. And I love the people at my job. What more can I ask for?

This weekend I’ll be off roaming around Waredaca (and cleaning my room) being the official flyer hanger-upper, groom and supporter. Huge good luck to Jackson Schrickel who will be competing in her first recognized event with Sky and to my good friend Nikki Merle-Smith who will be moving her “horse” (if you call 14.2  a horse!) to INTERMEDIATE! Of course I have to send good luck to Camryn Long and Sydney Solomon who are competing in the Training division. If you’re out and about this weekend at Waredaca and hear those names, cheer loud! And off you see me, feel free to say hi, promise I don’t bite! Remember I always wear my penguin suit at events so look for a waddling black blob.

The magical fly bonnet that makes your flat work turn from great, to awesome.

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