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Eventing Nation presents the first installation of a monthly series on reader-submitted training tips. Presented by SmartPak.

In what seems like a very long time ago, we introduced a monthly series of reader-submitted training tips presented by SmartPak.  We got a bit busy with Rolex, #FantasyBadminton, Jersey Fresh, and other recent events.  But never fear, we are back to bring the best advice for you, by you, Eventing Nation.  This month’s featured tip comes from Emily Mungovan, who will receive a $150 gift certificate to SmartPak. –Visionaire

From Emily:

My trainer always encourages us to sit down at the canter rather than stand in equitation on the flat. She forces us to do this by competition in group lessons. She will give me and a friend each one of her gloves. We have to sit on the gloves at the sitting trot and the canter, seeing who can hold the glove between our butt and the saddle for longer. This works especially well on rainy days when my trainer tells us we’d better not get her gloves all muddy by letting them drop to the ground! These pictures show how beneficial this activity is for making you stronger and better at sitting to the canter.

If you have a training tip, exercise, or advice to share, write it down and send it to [email protected], with “SmartPak” in the title.  Diagrams, photos, and/or video are encouraged!  We will select at least one entry each month from our pool of emails to feature on the site and each month’s winning author will receive a $150 SmartPak gift certificate.

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