Fit to Ride: Lookin’ good, feelin’ awesome

That bag of doughnut holes may taste like a million bucks, but you’re not going to feel like a million bucks after you eat them. Fitness guru Biz Stamm reveals her favorite calorie-free treat. From Biz:

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m confident, I’m more likely to make good choices about my diet and exercise habits.  Initially, that might sound odd, but think about it.  When I’m confident, I feel like I’m worth a damn.  I’m worth the extra effort it takes to go for that run, or to make myself a healthy meal.  Confidence for the most part comes from an inner sense of self worth, but every once in awhile you come across something a bit more superficial, like a fantastic article of clothing, that can really make you feel great about yourself.

This past winter I came across just such an article of clothing made by a small, Oregon-based company known as Cheval Armour.  It’s called the spectator jacket.  My love affair with this jacket began the day I received it in the mail.  I opened the package to find the garment beautifully wrapped and adorned with a fragrant pouch of lavender.  When I removed the wrapping I was immediately taken by the luxurious feel of the fabric, and when I put it on, I instantly felt fantastic.

The tailoring of the jacket is very stylish and flattering, and the fabric feels amazing.  When I wore it to the barn, I found it to be extremely comfortable and functional, not only for performing barn chores, but also to ride in (Thank you double zipper!).  The moment that sealed the deal, however, was on the way home when I stopped at the grocery store.  I frequently stop at the grocery store all decked out in my riding gear, and when I encounter a sideways glance, I immediately think, “People are staring.  I must look ridiculous in my riding clothes.” But that day when I noticed people looking my way I thought, “People are staring.  I must look amazing right now.”  Maybe that’s why it’s called the spectator jacket?

If looking good isn’t enough for you, Cheval Armour makes several of their fabrics out of recycled material, and is overall a socially and environmentally conscious company.   I love my spectator jacket, and one of these days when my horses stop demanding that I spend all of my money on them, I will most certainly buy another article of clothing from Cheval Armour.


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