EN Today: Trailer Accident strikes Pollard Eventing

John reports that a horse trailer carrying six of Michael and Nathalie Pollard’s horses turned over in a traffic accident, mercifully sparing five but fatally injuring the stallion VDL Ulando H.From John:

Top photo: Ulando H, ridden earlier this spring by Karl Slezak, photo by Samantha

Michael and Nathalie Pollard’s eventing team has been hit with tragedy this morning when a trailer carrying 6 of their horses turned over in a traffic accident. According to a statement posted on the Pollard Eventing Facebook page, five horses were cut free and survived with cuts but Michael’s new stallion VDL Ulando H died on the scene. The statement continues:

No-one was injured in the accident which was caused by the driver of another vehicle pulling out in front of them without seeing the trailer. Icarus, Schoensgreen Hanni, Jude’s Law, Raphael and Little Star sustained minor lacerations. They are all at home and in a comfortable condition. Michael was not at home at the time. The horses were being driven by his grooms and according to police at the scene there was nothing that could have been done to avoid the oncoming vehicle.

[Full Statement]

Michael recently received the ride on Ulando H from eventer Karl Slezak and there was no doubt in my mind that Ulando had a very bright future ahead of him with Michael.  Ulando was owned by Ruth Armstrong and Armstrong Farm.  Michael and Nathalie were out of the country taking a quick break before Michael was headed to Bromont to continue his campaign to make the US Olympic team.

Our thoughts and prayers reach out to Michael, Nathalie, the affected horses, and all of Pollard Eventing. Michael and Nathalie have built a fantastic eventing program together with their Pollard Eventing team and there’s no doubt in my mind that their program will overcome this tragedy and continue to grow and thrive. We’ll keep you posted as more information develops.

Update: Michael has posted the following on the Pollard Eventing Facebook:

About to board a plane home, but a quick note.

Katie, by all accounts you were amazing and risked yourself to help save the horses trapped. Thank you so much…

Ruth, I am so sorry again. I felt like Ulando was the most exciting horse in the barn and I was already getting teased by the girls that he was my pet. I am devastated by the loss as I know you are. Wish there was something more to be done.

We will continue to send updates. Thank you for all the well wishes.

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