Wednesday Morning Feed by World Equestrian Brands

Good morning, Horse Nation! Brace yourself: we’ve got an amazing roster of stories lined up for you today, so keep it tuned here.

In the meantime, I have a homework (or “at-work”) assignment for you. I want you to get on Facebook and “like” each of Horse Nation’s sponsors, if you haven’t already. Each of them maintains a lively social media presence that you’ll enjoy being a part of, plus you’ll always be in-the-know when it comes to special offers, new products and contests.

Our Wednesday featured sponsor, World Equestrian Brands, is forever posting fun et cetera on their Facebook page, like random photos of Kim Severson’s sock monkey. Where else are you going to find stuff like this?

Sock Monkey in training on a new mount. Here he practices his drop stance a la Bruce Davidson into the water…

Yesterday, WEB’s Facebook page linked to the Abby’s latest Ann Romney story, remarking, “Thanks HN. I had the opportunity to meet Ann Romney at Jan and Amy Ebelings barn last go round, and there was nothing the least bit uppity about her. The opposite actually, she was very approachable and candid. Not surprised about the media…” Take that, L.A. Times!

All of which is to say, a friend of Horse Nation is a friend of yours as well, so go “friend” them! And go riding.



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