The Aiding & Abetting Amateur: The horse show blues

Our eye on the hunter/jumper scene, a shadowy figure we know as the Aiding & Abetting Amateur, is in the throes of horse show withdrawal. How she’s coping…

From the Aiding & Abetting Amateur:

So today I woke up with the horse show blues. I know you know what I’m talking about. All I’ve been able to think about all day is feeling the wind on my face while zipping down barn aisles in a golf cart, picking stalls before the sun is out, the sweet aroma of Show Sheen, and the thrill of a good round. I want to be at an evening exhibitor party, the in-gate, the secretary’s office, the tack store, the port-a-potty… anywhere but reality. It’s been too long. I’m like a druggie all strung out. I need a fix, but it will likely be several weeks before I can get one.

Like all addicts, I’m searching for alternatives. Here’s how I’m trying to cling on to my last little bit of sanity.

I’ve been attending horse shows with friends. I’ve recently become the honorary groom. This system is actually going to work out beautifully, you see? When it’s finally my moment of glory, they will owe me one, and will have to be my indentured servant for the day. I’m organizing, re-organizing, re-re-organizing my tack trunk so that when the day finally gets here, I’ll be horse-show ready.

Anyways, back to reality now. But in my mind, I’m at the horse show. I’m putting in beautiful rounds in the Amateur Owners, I’m galloping in the Derby under the lights, I’m bathing my horse and thrilled to tell him, “Job well done.” In my mind, I’m watching the Grand Prix, I’m cleaning tack, I’m pulling the rig into the Kentucky Horse Park, I’m holding my blue ribbon.

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