Adoptable Horse of the Week: ‘Bubba’

This week’s featured adoptable horse is a Thoroughbred ex-racer named Bubba who lives at our May featured rescue, Run for Home Haven, located in Mount Shasta, California.

A huge thanks, as always, to for making this fantastic series possible.

Bubba is a Thoroughbred whose name is Diablo Time. He only made $18,195 in his lifetime due to multiple injuries. One of the main reasons I would like to feature him is to show that there are still some trainers out there with a sense of responsibility for the horses they train. When Bubba was finished with his career, Ted West, his trainer, not only approached me about taking the horse as a life long guest but has also consistently contributed to his care.  Bubba is a little on the ornery side and very dominant. When he arrived he was still a stud so was gelded late. He had a terrible habit of flipping at the least bit of stress. His life is now stress free and he has refrained from his old habit of flipping. His best friend in the herd is Johnny, even though John is a lot smaller. Bubba is a character.  He wears more of his dinner than he gets in is tummy.

Unfortunately we don’t have a current photo of Bubba to share, but for more information, please check out Run For Home Haven‘s website.

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