Very Funny: ‘The Onion’ on horse racing

The Onion has had a grand time at horse racing’s expense of late. Here are links to a couple of our favorite stories:

Kentucky Derby Winner Hoping He Won’t Have to Repeat What Was Easily the Most Traumatic Experience of His Life: A hilarious interview with I’ll Have Another, portrayed as a “shaken and trembling Kentucky winner” whose victory was owed to the fact that he was running out of sheer terror. One of my favorite lines: “Then a horn sounded and it scared the hell out of me and everyone was running,” the horse added. “And all I could think was, ‘I’m only 3 years old. Please, God, I’m only 3.'” (Warning for our younger readers: The article contains some adult language.)

And then there was this photo: Big Brown Attempts Racing Comeback As Jockey.

These aren’t recent, but they’re some of our favorites:

New Horse-Racing Initiative Aimed At Training Thoroughbreds From Inner City

Toddler Makes Convincing Case for Being Afraid of Horses

Equestrian Instinctively Feels Deep, Meaningless Connection With Horse

Preakness Winning Filly An Inspiration To Women Who Want To Win Preakness

We could go on and on (horses are fantastic subjects for humor, although we wouldn’t know anything about that). We recommend visiting The Onion yourself and running a search for “horse”–you never know what might turn up.


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