Road to NAJYRC: Two months and counting

California event rider Teresa Harcourt is blogging for Horse Nation as she makes her way toward the North American Junior & Young Rider Championships, to be held in Lexington in mid-July.

From Teresa:

Hello Horse Nation!

In the words of fellow blogger, Katy Groesbeck, “The hot-walker keeps turning.” As each day goes by, we get closer and closer to loading our horses up and heading to Lexington, Kentucky for NAJYRC! It is officially TWO MONTHS away! Can you believe it? I sure can not. I recently finished this the Spring 2012 Semester at Sierra College in Auburn, where I am working towards going to Nursing School. Before the semester was over, I was putting 1,000 miles on my car a week by commuting back and forth between Penn Valley and Gilroy. Now that that is finally over, I am 24/7 in Gilroy working for Shannon and Dayna.

On April 22, Skip and I completed our first CCI** finishing fourth which also meant we were officially qualified for NAJYRC. I really couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my 21st birthday. I was surrounded by great friends, great coaches, and my wonderful family.  That weekend was also the big drawing for the Year of Eventing Raffle. This raffle is the biggest fundraiser for Area VI Young Riders. It helps fund our trip to Kentucky immensely. I think I can say for everyone involved with Area VI Young Riders that we are extremely grateful for everyone’s support of us and our journey to NAJRYC. It was really evident how many people support us and what the entire Young Rider program stands for.

After Twin Rivers, it was back to Flying Tail Farms. May is an exciting month! Woodside is next weekend, which is the final mandatory outing for NAJYRC candidates. Skip and I are excited to get out there and have our FINAL run before Young Riders! I still can’t believe how time has flown by. After Woodside, my fellow 2** rider Sarah Braun will join me at Flying Tail until Young Riders. Also, Candidate’s Camp for AREA VI Young Riders is two weeks after Woodside which will be a great opportunity for all of us to get to know each other more! Sarah and I have been talking many nights about how panic is starting to set in about all the little details. I guess panic is not the right word. Excitement? Shock? Complete Disbelief that this is actually going to happen??? I think that is the right statement. The next few months (what am I talking about, I only have TWO MONTHS!!!!) are going to fly by.

Keep all of your fingers and toes crossed for everyone running at Woodside next weekend!

Until next time!!!


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