NickerDoodles: The perfect 20-meter circle

It’s just a circle… it can’t be that difficult, right? Wrong. Nickerdoodler Melanie Eberhardt offers the following explanation for this week’s comic.

“I’m learning dressage, just the basics. I confess my sense of geometry isn’t good and multi-tasking while thinking ahead of my horse by a split second tends to generate a splitting headache.  The bane of my ride is to complete a lovely 20 meter circle. There are a zillion steps required just to make a simple circle… it’s very challenging, but that’s also what makes dressage such a good personal experience. This NickerDoodle is inspired by my personal holy grail – line up all the steps to achieve a perfect 20 meter circle.
P.S. Am I the only rider in the world that is circularly challenged?”

About Melanie:

I am an artist in Atlanta. When I’m not painting, I’m riding horses. I have 3 retired Arabians and a snotty pony at home. They keep me on my toes. Three years ago I bought a young OTTB straight off the track. My new fella, Bubba, and I are learning dressage. Sadly, I’m the weak link on Team Bubba, but I learn something every time we ride so it’s all good. I started NickerDoodles to document the horsey antics that abound within my world. I’m very fortunate to balance my life with things that I love – painting and riding – and NickerDoodles gives me a forum to share. If we’re not laughing at our horses and ourselves, we’re probably crying. I prefer to laugh! I hope everyone enjoys NickerDoodles.

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