Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak

Welcome to the starting gate of the week. Hope the track you’re staring out at has fast footing and a grandstand that is overflowing with cheering fans.

Cheering you on is what Horse Nation is all about, really. If you’re stuck in a cubicle with a stapler you’re way too attached to, just waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around so you can go ride your horse, we’re cheering for you. If you’re cleaning stalls in a big, fancy barn that belongs to someone else and looking forward to a long day of bush hogging, we’re cheering for you. Anytime you need a boost, all you need to do is click over to Horse Nation and immediately be filled with the knowledge that we’re on your side.

Know you else is on your side? SmartPak. Your happiness is SmartPak’s #1 goal, and their whole company is centered around that singular objective. From investing in extensive training so their experts can answer all your questions, to backing every order with a 100% Happiness Guarantee so you can shop with confidence, SmartPak is a cheerleader of horse people everywhere.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding.


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