Road to NAJRYC: Teresa Harcourt

Today we’re introducing a new blogger, eventer Teresa Harcourt.  Between now and mid-July, we’ll be following her journey to the North American Junior & Young Rider Championships. Teresa recently completed her final qualification for Young Rider Eventing at the Twin Rivers CC**, where she and her horse Skip finished fourth.

Welcome, Teresa!

This week, we’ve asked Teresa to introduce herself and her horse. She writes:

Hello Horse Nation.

My name is Teresa Harcourt and I am a twenty-one year old who was bitten by the Eventing bug at a young age. Some would say I have a problem but I would not have it any other way. I am a true California girl who was raised in a small Northern California town of Penn Valley. I was six years old when my mom gave me the wonderful gift of a pony. My dad said time and time again, “This is only a phase.” Boy, was he ever wrong. Fifteen years later, I am twenty-one, I have competed up to the CCI** level, I have lived in Kentucky, evented on the East Coast and been a working student twice.

I currently have one trusty steed known as Bonza Twist of Fate, a.k.a. Skip. He is a 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse who has been in my life for a little over three years now. I am currently a working student for Shannon Lilley and Dayna Lynd-Pugh in Gilroy, CA.

You all are probably wondering why I am writing this blog for Horse Nation. Well, I am currently on a challenging, rewarding, exciting and unbelievable journey to the North American Junior Young Rider Championships in Lexington, Kentucky this July. I am looking forward to sharing stories with all of you!


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