Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Live from Jersey Fresh: Good Morning, Horse Nation! How much can one girl blog in a day?

Last night, I arrived in New Jersey just in time to flip on the hotel television and catch the last two seconds of Boyd and Neville’s NBC Rock Center spotlight. I got out my laptop, and already Facebook and Twitter were abuzz: Tears! Inspiration! Kleenex! More tears!

Luckily, it wasn’t long before John found the entire segment online, and against my better judgement (you have work to do! cameras to charge! multiple, crack-0f-dawn alarms to set!), I watched… and cried… and got all misty-eyed thinking about my own horse, my own eventing dreams…

This is my first time attending Jersey, and I was excited for the usual reasons: watching, learning, photographing and writing about so many awe-inspiring horses and riders. But now I’m doubly excited to watch Boyd and Neville storm around the course Saturday.

Because if there’s anything more inspiring than the fact that Boyd and Nev, through the course of their partnership, have become each others’ heroes, I don’t know what it is.

And since I’m about to do so much blogging, a little extra inspiration–and a bottomless cup of caffeine!–is just what I need.

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