300+ lb man hijacks carriage, crashes, gets beaten by soldier

I know what you are thinking–this headline must be from some distant crazy part of the world like Russia or Mongolia or San Francisco.  How about St. Louis, Missouri?

On Tuesday night a St. Louis carriage driver, named Larry, and his horse, Dirty Harry (with a driver named Larry how could the horse be named anything else?), were making their way back to the stables after a hard day of work when disaster, in the form of what Larry describes as “a big 300 something pound guy”, struck.  And by ‘struck’ I mean struck Larry in the head with an iron cane.  Poor Larry jumped out of the carriage and Dirty Harry galloped 10 blocks towards the stables before the carriage became stuck in a trolley. The assailant, later identified as 40-year-old Johnny Medina, hopped off and began assaulting Harry.  Thankfully, two Good Samaritan military gentlemen who had rescued Larry from the road arrived and “rendered [Medina] unconscious.”  Both Harry and Larry suffered minor injuries and we can only hope that Johnny Medina had some sense beaten into him.



Go soldiers.

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