#FantasyBadminton Roundup

Badminton 2012 was a washout, but the TweetMeme it inspired was a shining ray of hope in a weekend of otherwise sodden dreams. For your amusement, selections from #FantasyBadminton 2012.

From Twitter:

Lucy Wiegersma: Hang on, which horse am I riding? #fantasybadminton

Francis Whittington: #fantasybadminton @CollettEventing wins best dressed rider –

Clare Wainwright: I’ve resorted to new ways of taking my horse back to the stables….. Sick of getting wet #fantasybadminton –

Francis Whittington: #fantasybadminton riders still walking the course. Really is on the soft side –

Eventing Nation: The sponsors tent for XC day at #fantasybadminton is a bit different this year, but just as much fun –

Nico Morgan: #fantasybadminton has to be the only event in which competitors inflate their Point Twos and Hit Airs before they start!

Jackie Mac: It’s official – WFP can indeed walk on water – just skimmed through the lake and yes, within the flags #fantasybadminton

Lucinda Green: @FWeventing oh my! I don’t recall the photographers dinghy being that big but then I was focused on my ride #fantasybadminton –

Nick Gauntlett: Judging by photographic evidence, @FWeventing enjoyed the post cross country party #fantasybadminton-

Craig Sharman: Great to see the crowds flocking into watch the showjumping at #fantasybadminton –

Ellie Hughes: Much commotion as Wills and Kate make their arrival in an amphibious aircraft. Christ, have we got enough dinghys left? #fantasybadminton

Jenny Gray-Wallis: SJ warmup proves ‘interesting’. Rider Rep sadly last seen yesterday drifting out The Bristol Channel. #fantasybadminton

Josh Thompson: the top 4 placed riders at Badminton celebrate in style #fantasybadminton –

Andrew Park: #fantasybadminton WFP one-two of course, he will be riding all 5 horses for team GBR at Greenwich

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