Hey! It’s the weekend

Welcome to the weekend, Horse Nation. If you’re competing today, may your ride times be early enough that you’re home by post time (6:24 p.m. ET).

If you’re competing tomorrow, may your ride times be late enough that your julep hangover the morning dew has had ample time to evaporate.

While we’re at it, HN karma appears to be strong: Yesterday we posted a video of trainer Larry Jones and his track pony, causing his filly to win the $1 million Kentucky Oaks.

In lieu of posting videos of all of you (bunnies? I have a project for you…), consider this your very own dose of HN karma: May the HN force be with you! And especially with our own Wylie, who’s off in the universe somewhere, most likely euphorically happy, hopefully with a bourbon-themed libation in hand.

Though on the video karma note, because I can’t help myself:

There, I’ve done my part. I’m off to the MCTA Horse Trials, from which I’ll hopefully home in time for the two minutes I’ve been not-so-patiently awaiting for far too long. Happy weekend, everyone!

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