The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito: Four-Star Inspired

A training level move-up this weekend, a working student position with Emily Beshear just 40 days away: Big, exciting things are on the horizon for M & D.

HN wishes you two nothing but glorious, butt-kicking success!

From McKenna:

Everything is coming and going so fast. Rolex is done and completed, I’ve had my last jump school before Sunday (3 days away!)¬†where the big training level move-up happens, and now I only have 14 days till I get to experience the working student life for a long weekend, 25 more days left of school, and only a mere 40 or so days till I pack Dorito and I up for Virginia. Hard to believe everything is coming so close, it seems like just yesterday the prospect of being a working student was just a mere thought…I guess time flies when you’re having fun right?

Rolex was super awesome, as always, but this one seemed to be a bit more special than the others. For one, I had someone to “personally” cheer on. I can’t even begin to explain how nervous, excited, inspired, (insert any adjective here!) I was to watch Emily rock it around her first Rolex and then watch her in the award ceremony… awe-inspiring!

I had a chance to walk the show jumping course and honestly one of the biggest things that went on in my mind when walking around it was “One day…one day I will be here. One day I’ll be walking it for real. One day I’ll lead the victory gallop…One day I will.” I don’t care if I’m 25 or ready to keel over, it WILL happen. And yes, I do question my sanity!

Rolex also brought to my attention that I have yet to come to terms with ANYTHING that is happening to me! I seriously thought I had come to realize what I was doing this summer, but guess what? I haven’t. It just seems unreal, is this really happening to me? No it can’t possibly…I’m just a small town girl, with no impressive results to her record, with a 13.2 pony. But somehow, it is happening. Somehow David O’Connor told me about this position and for some reason a 4* rider likes me and for some reason they trust a 15-year-old girl to come live by herself for the summer. Yet again, I ask myself “WHAT?!” I constantly ask myself if I’m good enough, if they’ll like me, and what am I thinking, but deep down I know the answer is yes, you ARE good enough, I’m generally a likeable person so hopefully a “check!” there, and that YES, I can do this, and I’m following my passion and my love and I should be grateful because most people out there don’t have something they know they are destined for.

I’ll leave you with a little parting poem written by me, as a 6th grader. And in case you were wondering, yes this has been a published poem! (congratulations you’ve just learned a new fun fact!)

Clear Round
The announcer finally comes on
And broadcasts the last ride of the day.
Everyone’s hoping for my clear round,

I race through the timers,
calculate the careful approach for the first fence,
and soar over it.

I draw near the second fence, close,
a slight rub, but the pole stays up.

I feel the power beneath me,
the heavy breaths of the horse.

Over the last fence
As I ride to victory at the Rolex Kentucky.


This weekend you can find me channeling my inner Sinead Halpin while out on XC , quoting Sharon White and Doug Payne “It doesn’t matter the size of the fence, just keep kicking”, and trying to “walk it off” as Mr. Doug Payne¬†told me to do after tripping and almost falling on my face.
Send all your good luck to me this weekend as Dorito and I tackle MCTA and stay tuned for lots of videos and a helmet cam (that’s right, you heard it!)

Emily Beshear and Here's to You on their way to a 20th place finish last weekend at Rolex. Photo by McKenna.

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