Winner’s Circle:

Winning Caption: “They said a massage would help my back, but I’m not so sure…” –Lizzie B.

Runners up:

“kids! what can you do about kids!” –mary aschenberg

“Does your horse refuse to stay put? Hard to secure without a bunch of lead ropes and a halter? We have the answer! Goat-Hold by Ronco…..! These amazing and versatile little critters hold your horse, mow your weeds and will keep you in stitches with their funny antics! Call now and get this complimentary protective blanket and a second goat free! Yes, a second goat free if you call now! Shipping and handling not included; subject to North American quarantine; not available in Mexico. Your horse stays put or your money back!” –NinaNina

Hahahorses is an online horse humor site started by people who love horses and love laughing. Each weekday we post a new funny/interesting/weird photo somehow related to horse and our viewers submit captions and vote on their favorite. The caption with the highest number of votes wins!

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