SmartPak’s picks for a happy horse show with your dog

Have dog, will travel? Not always as easy as it sounds. Check out these products from SmartPak designed to streamline the pooch packing process.

Top photo: Kaitlyn Jansen’s show dawg extraordinaire, Nell.

From SmartPak:

It’s 4 AM, your gear is cleaned and packed like Tetris in the gooseneck, the horses are wrapped and loaded in the trailer, and your dog is already warming your seat in the truck. It’s horse show time and everyone seems to know it. On the way out of the driveway you go over your mental checklist; safety pins, hair nets and… oh no! Did anyone grab the dog food? With all your energy poured into mane pulling, muzzle clipping, and tack cleaning, it’s easy to overlook your dog’s luggage. Read on to see what some of our employees wouldn’t leave home without when traveling with their dogs!

PortionPaks: Traveling to a show? Ditch the big heavy bag and grab a few PortionPaks to go! You’ll always have exactly what you need, without losing valuable space!

“When I am headed to a horse show, many times, my little Yorkie/Jack Russell comes with me! Not only do I love PortionPaks because they are premeasured meals for my pup, but when I am traveling to a horse show, clinic or even just to the barn the PortionPaks are just as portable as my pooch! I just grab a couple bags and pack with his toys, treats and water bowl. I know that if my day goes longer than planned, I have a meal for the little guy. It’s all about convenience and making sure my canine friend stays happy and healthy!”—Kristina, Creative

“My dog Bailey comes to work with me every day. We both have long days because when we leave the office we head straight to the barn, and normally don’t get home until 9:00pm. Using PortionPaks makes it really easy for me to keep dog food fresh and handy every place I need it – at home, in my desk drawer at work, and a few in the car. This ensures that Bailey can stay on a regular feeding schedule, no matter where we are during our hectic days. If you travel with your dog, board your dog, or just lead a busy life, I really hope you’ll give PortionPaks a try. Some people may think it’s weird to keep a little pouch of dog food in their purse, but I think it’s brilliant. :)” —Jessica, Marketing


Backseat Hammock $46.95(15 reviews)

Backseat Hammock: Protect your car from dirt, hair, and spills, all while keeping your pup in the backseat and out of harm’s way.

“We all know how dirty our cars can get when dragging our riding gear back and forth between home and the barn or shows. Let’s face it, most of us wear our boots around the barn and then keep them on to drive home, trying to ignore the fact that we are also bringing dirt and manure home, too! Well, the carpet is easy enough to shampoo and vacuum but when DOGS are involved, things can get messy. Forget just the carpets because now many of us are dealing with dirt on the seats, under the seats and dog hair in places we didn’t even know we could get to. Enter Backseat Hammock! After a three hour car cleaning ordeal last summer, I purchased this product out of desperation as leaving my two dogs at home was not an option. It’s been a great addition and not only keeps the backseat a lot cleaner, but also encourages my dogs to stay put. It can be easily installed and removed and trust me, next time you get the vacuum out, you will be pleasantly surprised!”
—Annie, Marketing


Collaps-A-Bowl $9.95(3 reviews)

Collaps-a-Bowl: A perfect addition to your travel gear, this little bowl can fit just about anywhere.

“In the warm summer months when I’m on the go, I am always searching around for a way to offer water to my dog. I usually find myself letting him drink from my water bottle, which ends with more water on the ground than in his mouth. The Collaps-a-Bowl has been a lifesaver! It folds down flat and fits in my glove compartment or even in my back pocket, so that I’m never without a bowl for him. Whether we’re at the barn, on the trail, or just running errands-I never have to worry about how he’ll stay hydrated!”
—Meghan, Marketing


Exercise Pen $59.95 – $69.95(2 reviews)

Exercise Pen: Give your dog the freedom to play without worrying where he’ll end up!

“When I am busy riding or showing in the summer months, I need to make sure that my little pooch isn’t left behind. Keeping him tied up not only makes him unhappy but it can also be unsafe if you don’t have an area far away from the horses. That is why I love my exercise pen! It is very portable as the panels fold down into the size of one. It easily fits into the trunk of my car or tucks away nicely in the dressing room of the trailer. The exercise pen allows me to set up a bed, toys and water/food bowls so that my little terrier stays quiet and happy. I’ve also thrown a blanket over the top if there isn’t a
place in the shade. This is a great, portable option to keeps my little one safely contained and out of trouble!”
—Kristina, Creative


SmartPak Personalized Nylon Collars $14.95 – $16.95(30 reviews)

SmartPak Personalized Nylon Collar: When you are traveling, it’s important to have proper identification for your dog in case he gets lost. This collar is personalized with your information, so you never have to worry about tags falling off, and your dog can be returned to you as quickly as possible!

“I bought this collar because my dog has a habit of losing her tags and I also wanted a way for her to wear identification without the constant jingling all of the time. This collar fits great and looks very nice. My favorite part about this collar is that she always has her name and phone number on her when we go out to the barn, the beach, the park, a horse show…everywhere! I feel safer knowing that if she got lost, we would have a better chance of being reunited with this collar.”
—Kerri, Marketing


Sof-Krate N2 Series $80.95 – $177.95(8 reviews)

Sof-Krate: This crate pops up in seconds and offers wobble-free stability wherever you are. Strong mesh walls keep the breeze flowing and gives your dog a comfortable space to call his own.

“The Sof-Krate is really easy to transport. I typically set it up as a shelter inside of the Exercise Pen. It offers shade and has nice ventilation. Because it folds down flat it is easy to pack up.”—Renee, Merchandising


Wander Bed $44.95 – $59.95(1 reviews)

Wander Bed: This high quality, stylish, and easy to transport dog bed has it all! Roll it up, grab the handles and you are ready to go! The hidden feature is the corner pocket where you can store small items that remind him of home!

“The Wander Bed is perfect for weekend trips and overnights, in the car or really anywhere you want to offer your dog the comfort of a bed with the convenience of a sleeping bag. Simply roll it up and go! I love that the bottom is waterproof so I can toss it on the ground at the barn or while camping or just so my dog has a comfy place to lie on the porch.
Best of all, toss it in the wash and it is as good as new!”
—Maria, Merchandising


When you hit the road, what products make traveling with your dog more fun and less fuss?
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