McKenna Does Rolex

McKenna Oxenden and her band of hooligans have officially touched down at Rolex and are proceeding to terrorize the Kentucky Horse Park in every way imaginable.  From McKenna:

Hey HN! Sorry for the delayed post, technical difficulties! But I am here now so you can stop hyperventilating. All I have to inform you about is, a new phenomenon called “owling.” Owling is what is sounds like. You pretend to be an owl, you just crouch down and hold your hands up in front of you. I sense a competition coming on….

So without further ado, I present to you: What you really do at the Kentucky Horse Park.

I’m daring to be different.

Look who’s gettin’ REAL BOLD!

Me, Jackson, Shannon, and Sydney owling at the Cracker Barrel in West Virginia

Planking on the signature Cracker Barrel chairs.

Do you, um, mind if I plank on this? Uhhh… sure? Awesome, thanks! WOAH MAN! I thought you were just you know, kinda lean against it but man you just hopped right up there.

Owling on a previous year’s XC fence. Me, Jax, Shannon, Syd.

LOOK! It is the rare Jackal. You can find it in the depths of KHP and if you catch it at the right moment you may hear its strange velociraptor sound. Here it is captured at a rare down moment, taking in its surroundings, ready to pounce.

Sydnasty owling like a pro on a very tall stump.

This looks WAY easier than it actually is… Me, Syd owling, Shannon, Jackson

Reppin’ Land Rover. Syd, Shannon, Me, Jackson.

We even got the moms to owl!!! My amazing mom, Mary Jane, is on the left; Sydney’s mom is Leslie on the right.

Me and Shannon just hanging with our main squeeze, good ol’ Bruce.

Serious faceeee.

Vertical planking.

Stone wall.

hn3: Driving obstacle; Jackal.

Another driving obstacle, myself.

Shannon is SUPERMANNN!

Actual planks on an actual Rolex jump.

Owling at Head of The Lake. Jax, Shannon, Syd, Me.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, whether it’s attending Rolex, watching through a live feed, or nothing eventing related, I wish you a FABULOUS weekend. But let’s all remember, cheer loud for Brickland Eventing’s Emily Beshear and her lovely mount, Here’s to You!! Until next week, I’ll be reppin’ it up with my newly acquired Brickland logo wear and losing my voice from cheering so hard. GO EVENTING!

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