Clothes Horse: SmartPak Spring 2012 Lookbook

Admit it: Just beneath your truck-driving, stall-mucking, butt-kicking exterior, there lurks a girly-girly with a weakness for hot breeches and cute shirts. SmartPak gets it, and they’re here to help.

SmartPak is like that friend who you love going shopping with–the one who’s up on the latest fashions, has fantastic taste and sees infinite style possibility where you only see endless racks of clothes.

You can go shopping with SmartPak via their Spring 2012 Lookbook, a collection of totally amazing equestrian looks for everyday and show-ring wear assembled by SmartPak’s very own stylist.

Once you find a look or an element of a look that you like, purchasing it is as easy as clicking your mouse.

Check out Look #1, a casual around-the-barn style that updates classic equestrian fashion with a touch of contemporary chic.

Look #3 takes it to the show ring, where clever fashionistas can get away with a little bit of tasteful envelope-pushing while maintaining a traditional, workmanlike appearance.

Are you ready to flex your fashion muscle? Check out the SmartPak Spring Lookbook in its entirety here.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding.


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