Adoptable Horse of the Week: ‘Twiggy’

This week’s adoptable horse is a true golden girl. She’s located our April featured rescue, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch near Union, Missouri.

A huge thanks, as always, to for making this fantastic series possible.

About Twiggy:

At 26 years old and 14 hands high, Twiggy probably thinks she has seen it all by now. We’re sure she was once a model–she has the confidence and the stunning palomino color to prove it!

She’s gained more than 330 lbs. since her rescue from near-starvation and with all that additional energy, she’s been feeling like a million bucks lately. All she needs now is a home and a personal entourage!

She’s on a special diet (naturally, after all, she is *better* than all those other horses) to accommodate the few functional teeth she’s got left. She loves to chill out in the pasture with the other mares (we think they discuss their crispy limbs and the good ole days when they were wee youngins’ like those in the next paddock over). She is fit for light riding, and with her beautiful looks and rather mellow personality, she’s the kind of mare it’s easy to fall in love with–that special golden horse everyone needs around the barn!

For more information about Twiggy, go here.

Visit Longmeadow’s adoption page to see all of their adoptable animals.

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