Your Turn: A sonnet for the startbox

Heather McGeer is a teenage event rider from Ontario who was recently saddled with the task of writing a sonnet for English class. “Of course,” she writes, “mine ended up being horse-related!”

She explained the inspiration for her poem: “It’s written about a cross-country ride from waiting to go in the start box and then out on the course. I tried to express the feelings between horse and rider and the emotions starting and riding a cross-country course.”

We think you captured the moment perfectly. Nice writing, Heather, and thanks for sharing!

At Home

As I look out on the ominous course,

Butterflies flutter their soft nervous wings.

My palms sweat, heart pounds, in sync with my horse.

We are one, mind, body, among other things,

Together quivering in doubt and fear.

Our hearts skip a beat as the starter calls

One minute!  Our fate draws so quickly near.

Five, four, three, two, one, beeps sound, silence falls.

We’re off! Fast pounding hoof-beats fill my ears.

Our confidence soars along with each jump

Landing and galloping away from fears.

Adrenaline high there’s no time to slump.

Finding our rhythm, at home, we’re in love,

In love with our sport, running free as a dove.

About the author: My name is  Heather McGeer, I am a teenager from Ontario, Canada, and I have been riding since I was two. I started in hunters and joined Pony Club in 2005 where I was introduced to eventing. I fell in love with the sport and have been competitive for four years now. I currently ride at pre-training level with my mare and I am a young rider!

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