Weekly Blog Spotlight: ‘Writing of Riding’

Each Tuesday, we shine the spotlight on a rider blog we think is deserving of a little extra attention. Today’s featured blog is Writing of Riding.

Writing of Riding was founded in 2006 by Erica K. Frei to, in her words, “encourage the continued learning, education, exploration and art of horsemanship for all levels of riders.”

Erica explains, “I started Writing of Riding while I was a working student and professional student studying French Classical Dressage on the west coast. Since that time I have fallen in love with expressing myself through writing and find it a useful resource for processing my progress in riding, training and life.”

She continues, “I believe wholeheartedly that the horse’s welfare and well-being is the first step in any training routine, no matter the discipline or end-goal. Second to that I also believe that in order to take care of the horse we must also take care of ourselves as riders too by attending to our physical, mental and emotional needs. For that reason I often write about topics outside of the general scope of riding and training.”

Indeed, topics run the gamut from observations about horses, people and life to hot topics like Rollkur/LDR to equines in pop culture. The common thread running through each post, no matter what the subject matter, is Erica’s thoughtful voice, articulated in a way that is exact but never pushy. The design of the site itself is clean, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

Check out Writing of Riding for yourself here. Erica is also the author of a book, Centered Self, Centered Horse.

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