Jim Wofford, Rolex Sage

I don’t know about you, but part of my annual pre-Rolex tradition is sitting down with the Chronicle‘s Rolex roster to compare my predictions with The Wofford’s.

Wofford writes in an excerpt from the Chronicle‘s Rolex edition: “J. Alfred Prufrock measured out his life in coffee spoons. Poor guy, he never knew how exciting it is to measure out your life in Olympic quadrennials. The selectors are all here to watch the U.S. team hopefuls, and our riders know what is at stake. Ride well here, and you are a good bet to ride for your country at the Olympics this summer. Stink up the joint, and you can start training for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero; your dreams of riding at London are over.”

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Wofford has also recently joined the ranks of Facebook, where he’s been updating an awesome gallery of classic eventing photos, past and present.

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The Rolex horse inspections start tomorrow. Will Wofford pick the winner?

Jimmy and his beloved labs at Rolex. Photo courtesy of Samantha.

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