EN Today: Rolex XC course walks for ‘A Just World’

The only thing better than walking the Rolex cross-course with a top rider is doing so for a good cause. Samantha Clark brings us the full report on this special opportunity.

From Samantha:

I’m happy to be able to confirm the times for our Walk the Rolex XC for A Just World next week, yes, it’s only a week away! Once again, let me preface this post with a massive thank you to all four of our riders who so generously agreed to do this for a wonderful cause, despite being under incredible pressure and time constraints.  Please join us on one or all of the walks, for  a donation to Just World International that you feel comfortable with.  We are also grateful to Course Walk App who are going to donate ten coupons for a free App to the first ten arrivals at each walk!

Doug and Sharon will double up and walk the course during the Friday Lunch Break – meet them at the Start Box, ten minutes after the last dressage test of the morning session. Sharon’s sponsor Kerrits will also be giving out free caps to the first 25 people who show up on this walk.














Buck will do the final walk on Friday Evening – meet him at the Start Box ten minutes after the last dressage test of the day.

Boyd will be walking the course for our viewing pleasure along with Allison Springer courtesy of SmartPak during the SmartPak course walk.  Meet us at the start box on Thursday afternoon, probably after the last horse has completed dressage but the time will be confirmed.

The Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Order of Go has been posted, and the Horse Park is being transformed, changing daily. A quick shout-out to Mick Costello and his crew who work tirelessly and are friendly, so knowledgeable, and each and every one of them just lovely. Eventing Nation will bring you everything you need to know,we are all getting so excited – thank you being a part of this adventure with us. Let us know what you want more, or less of, and we’ll try our hardest to deliver next week! Go the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event and Go Eventing!

Course Walk Summary:

Thursday afternoon (time TBA):  Boyd Martin / Allison Springer (SmartPak)

Friday midday (dressage lunch break):  Sharon White / Doug Payne  (free Kerrits hats to first 25!)

Friday evening (after dressage):  Buck Davidson


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