Adoptable Horses of the Week: ‘Moonshadow’ and ‘Jada’

Looking for a horse with some personality? Both Moonshadow and Jada are residents of our April featured rescue, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch near Union, Missouri.

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Moonshadow is like that handsome, out-of-this-world musician we all fall in love with at some point in our youth. He just oozes charm and promises, sidling up to us and letting us believe we are the only person he thinks about, while secretly giving eyes to that other person standing way over there. Maybe they have something we don’t, after all, and maybe they’ll be able to give him more love, affection and treats. Maybe they won’t make him work so hard. Truly, though he won’t always admit it, Moonshadow loves his work. He enjoys playing in the arena and out on the trail–adventures, after all, are interesting new experiences that he /must/ experience! Moonshadow is approximately nine years old and 13.3 hands high, dark bay and particularly stocky. Though he is NOT gaited, we believe he may have had some Peruvian Paso influencing a Quarter Horse lineage.  He is boldly colored to match his bold personality–a personality far too easy to fall in love with, and deceptive if you are somebody who can be deceived. Treat him with respect and expect respect in return and Moonshadow will be your faithful companion for life. For more information on Moonshadow, click here.


Like many Arabians, Jada is full of life, energy, speed, grace and love. She is on a journey to find her best friend and trail partner. At 15 years old and just over 14 hands high, Jada is a beautiful fleabitten gray mare, her coat accented by darker dapples. Intelligent, wise, and with the utmost confidence, Jada is not for the weak of heart or hand. She will test you, suspect you and tear you down, only to snuggle up to you, stomping, whining and throwing a hissy fit when you leave her standing alone. She loves to move, explore, and have adventures and as far as we know there is utterly no fear inside her brain.  For more information on Jada, click here.

Visit Longmeadow’s adoption page to see all of their adoptable animals.

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