Tuesday Morning Feed from Dubarry

Here at HN HQ, our coffee pot is already on overdrive (Intern! Why is there no Bailey’s in this?!?!), the writers are staging a mock-Grand National around the conference table, the photographer is wearing dark sunglasses and acting suspicious, our lawyer is playing Angry Birds (we pay that guy WAY too much), and the bunnies are still in bed, twitching their noses and having little carrot dreams.

Which is to say, everything is pretty much normal. As a result, I can pretty much guarantee that we’ve got another day’s worth of ridiculousness heading straight your way, like a laser-guided missile. KA-POW!

To kick things off, we’ve got some not-so-deep Deep Thoughts and a super-fascinating Video du Jour about the mechanics of racehorses, followed by some of my favorite weekly columns (“The Age Impaired Rider” by Dia Moya and “In My Boots” by Kristen Kovatch), a new Nickerdoodle, and this week’s blog spotlight. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Stay tuned to see what Horse Nation’s crack team of writers (Note: I did not say “writers on crack”) comes up with today.

Go Riding!

Spotted at the Thoroughbred Horse Show Association inaugural horse show held at the Kentucky Horse Park over the weekend. See more of Samantha Clark’s fantastic photos and read her coverage of the event here.




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