The Age Impaired Rider: Find a friend at Rolex

Columnist Dia Moya met her dog Max at Rolex four years ago through the Lexington Humane Society, and she wouldn’t trade him for the world. Be on the lookout for adoptable canines at this year’s event.

From Dia:


Some say it is lonely at the top, but when I get to the top I don’t want to be lonely, I expect to have all my friends there – after all, if they are true friends, they have shared the journey with me. My husband is my best friend, I have girlfriends that are true blue, plus I have co-workers, other pony club moms, a great daughter and step daughter and other family members who will always be there for me.

But people have their limitations. I mean, everybody I mentioned above also has their own life, loves and interests. My relationship with them is all give and take. They will listen to me recite every detail about jumping the training level option at the cross country schooling yesterday. Which is grand, but in return I have to listen to the excitement over the opening day of spring turkey season, or offer opinions on prom dresses or even help plan a potluck when my work team hits our sales goal.

A dog never does that. If your dog is your friend you are everything to that dog. You can ramble on about dressage tests, treating your horse’s abscess or even give a play by play of your last colonoscopy.  A dog will listen attentively. They may even put their head in your lap and look up at you so sympathetically.

This brings me to Max.

Max is my dog and he loves me. He lives for 5:30 every weekday when I come home, it’s like he is totally in disbelief that I have returned.  After he bounces around with joy, we hop in the car and go somewhere, mostly it’s out to the farm, but even if it is just to the corner gas station Max is overjoyed.  He never gets tired of me, which is truly amazing!

I met Max at the Rolex four years ago when my husband and I were on our honeymoon. At that time Max was a ward of the Lexington Humane Society and was being walked around the festivities with a bright yellow dog coat that said ADOPT ME. It was love at first sight, although I stalked Max for two days before I had the nerve to inquire about adopting this wonderful animal. By the end of cross country day everything was final and Mike and I had a new friend to take back home.

There will be another set of future best friends up for adoption at the year’s Rolex Three Day event. According to Lexington Humane Association Volunteer coordinator, Jeremiah Myers, the group hopes to find new homes for about 15 dogs, but they would love to adopt out more. Most of the dogs that will be showcased at the event will be larger dogs. “Often larger, high energy dogs do not show well in a kennel environment,” Myers said. “These dogs show well at the Rolex when they can get out and interact with the crowd, plus this type of dog is what goes over best with the people who attend the event.”

Each dog has had a health and temperament screening and the volunteers will be happy to tell you everything they know about the canines. Although there will not be a separate list of potential adoptees who will be at the Rolex all animals offered by the association can be seen at

In addition the group will be offering doggy daycare services at the event from Thursday through Sunday. The service is first come first serve and cost is $5 per hour with a $28 per day maximum.  Myer stresses that anyone wanting to drop their dog off will need to provide written proof of rabies, bordatella (kennel cough) and annual vaccinations.

So at this year’s Rolex, think about bringing home a new best friend. Due to the generosity of a friend of the society the dogs will be sporting new “adopt me” clothes. Myers does not know exactly what the dog coats will look like, but he says that the canines will be easy to identify.

Max has been the best dog ever. On weekends he makes sure I don’t sleep in and miss too much riding time and he is always ready to listen and comfort me after a bad ride. No give and take needed with this guy, he just plain loves me.  So when at the Rolex, look for the “adopt me” dogs.  If you are in need of a friend, and who isn’t, you should consider taking one home.

Max the Wonder Dog




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