Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak

If you’ve spent much time on the SmartPak website (guilty as charged), you might have noticed that when you view an item there’s another option to “Add to Wishlist.”

A SmartPak Wishlist is an amazing little feature that can be utilized in a variety of ways, all of which result in you getting exactly what you want–and isn’t that exactly what we all want? Compile a Wishlist and send it to your un-horsey family and friends a couple weeks before your next birthday–they all know you want horse stuff, anyway, they just don’t know what to get you.

With the Wishlist, your perfect gift is just a click away, saving them from an embarrassing trip the local tack shop: “I think she said she said she wanted some new full-cheek britches, or did she say bridle, or bit? Why does everything here start with a B? No, I don’t know what size. Oh… maybe I’ll just go to Old Navy and get her some new socks.”

Recently I took the SmartPak Wishlist idea to a whole new level. I’m getting married the first weekend in May, and one of the things I have learned about getting married is that it is a great American pre-wedding tradition to force people to buy you loads of crap you don’t really need or even really want as wedding gifts. Like, “Wow, friend from my mom’s water Zuumba class, I can’t wait to use this ceramic cornucopia-shaped butter dish! It’s just what I’ve always wanted.”

One great thing about my fiance is that he puts up with the horse thing like a champ. So he didn’t bat an eyelash when, in addition to Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond, I wanted us to be registered at SmartPak. I called up SmartPak to see how to go about doing so, and the friendly customer-service gal said it was as easy as sending bridal shower (or “bridle shower,” in my case) attendees the name and password to my Wishlist. Brilliant!

It’s just one more way SmartPak is committed to making your horse life a little easier.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding.


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