DIY Nation: Ribbon recycling

If you’re like me, you’ve got heaps of blue ribbons laying around the house, so many you don’t know what to do with them. (Actually, that’s just a problem I WISH I had.) Anyway, the Aiding & Abetting Amateur is here with some creative ribbon-recycling ideas.

From the Aiding & Abetting Amateur:

If you’re in love with horse showing, you’ve probably encountered this problem. Ribbons, Ribbons everywhere! Dust covered Tupperware filled with horse show ribbons are probably just taking up space in your attic/basement/garage.

We are interested to see if you all have any creative solutions to displaying your well-deserved ribbons. [Click on the pictures below to be linked directly to their original sites.]

Nobody wants to cut their meaningful ribbons, but for your old, local horse show ribbons this is such a cute idea! This could also be done with braid ribbons for all the pony enthusiasts out there!

…Or you could do this.

Or make a belt! So smart!

Or this for the barn…

And this is just absolutely gorgeous…

So what have you all done with your old ribbons? Please share!

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