Equestrian Problems: Admit it, you have them… bigtime

But you’re not alone. Equestrian Problems is a collection of trials and tribulations that you can totally relate to. Here are our favorites, followed by Emily Kelly’s report on #EP twitter.


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Want to vent about your own equestrian problems?

From Emily:

Since all of us are crazy, er, obsessive horse-lovers, you’ll agree when I say that there are some problems that only horse people understand. So, where you may ask, is the best place to collaborate in misery for these problems? #TwitterOfCourse! Here’s a list of the top #EquestrianProblems from Twitter and fellow-riders…

“Accidentally wore my black breeches to school because I thought they were my leggings…”

“Every time I get rid of my polo tan lines they magically reappear ten times worse.”

“My doctor told me I shouldn’t ride anymore. Maybe you shouldn’t be my doctor anymore.”

“Morning trail ride today. This January weather has deprived me of the down time I use to catch up on everything.”

“Getting a horrible distance to a jump and basically accepting the fact that you’re going to die.”

“When people ask you why you are taking big steps in the hall way and you don’t know how to say I was counting strides”

“Instead of the show ‘dance moms’ they should have ‘horseshow moms.’ I can assure you it would be much more dramatic.”

“I got new boots for my horse today! Don’t they already wear shoes? Well horses wear boots on their legs.”

“So how do you teach a horse to jump? Well if someone pointed you at a wall and made you run, wouldn’t you jump over it??”

“I’m in Pony Club. What, is that like the saddle club or something?”

“I ride horses. Well that’s not a sport, you just sit there while the horse does all the work.  Believe me, those horses don’t do a dressage test or jump a cross country course on their own!”

Any of these sound familiar?? Telling you all that I can relate to a few would be an understatement… just the other day I was walking along a sidewalk before I realized that I was counting strides between the cracks (and had become totally frustrated as you could not take a full three strides between each one)! If you’re a horse person, whether an eventer, dressage queen, hunter, barrel racer, you’re crazy… there are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it! But even when you’re having one of those “awkward horse person” moments, know that everyone on HN is  just a click away and can totally relate to all of your problems!

About Emily:

I’m a 16-year-old sophomore in high school and have been eventing since I was 7 years old. My mom, brother and I all ride, so it’s always a big family affair at our barn!  I’m currently competing at Novice on my own 10-year-old thoroughbred, with plans to move up to training as soon as our long and torturous Minnesota winter ends. Pretty much all of my time is spent at school, at the barn, or reading and writing about horses.  I love to read and write, and anytime we have a free writing assignment at school mine is always horse-related.  I think my teachers are often confused as to why a teenager would choose to write an essay on the philosophy and science of horse conditioning… but hey, if you’re an eventer, you’re obsessed and there is no stopping it! This summer will also be my third year participating in the CSDEA’s Junior Developing Rider Program, a series of four weekend clinics throughout the summer with Becky Holder.

Originally published on Horse Nation on Feb. 17, 2012.

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