Fit to Ride: Just when you thought the planking was over…

This week fitness gurus Biz Stamm and Pi the Bunny show us how to increase upper-body strength with the help of a mounting block.

From Biz:

Just when you thought the planking was over…

As riders, it’s really easy for us to ignore our upper body.  We, as a demographic, are notorious for having ultra strong legs.  For me, the extra strength has always come with a little extra bulk (an ex-boyfriend once informed me that I had thunder thighs.  Note the prefix “ex” before the word “boyfriend.”), but it’s never really bothered me, because while my thighs are a bit on the thicker side, they are fantastically strong, and feeling strong feels good!  Why not feel even better by strengthening our upper bodies as well? So here it is HN, I have a challenge for you.  It involves planking… sort of.

Despite Pi’s insistence that “breading” is the newest, hippest meme (What can I say? He watches far too much South Park), let’s keep this whole planking thing alive.  Plank pushups that is. If you’re like me, just the thought of plank pushups makes your arms quiver with exhaustion, but I’ve devised a way to ease into a pushup routine using your everyday mounting block.

Start off doing pushups off the top of the block.  As you progressively get stronger you can move down the steps.

While I don’t have any awesome prizes to give you, I think we all need to show Pi that planking is still cool.  Have some things around the barn that you could use to make doing plank pushups easier? Or maybe you’re ultra buff and need to figure out a way to increase the resistance.  Send in a picture and show that bunny what’s up!!

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