Campaign Trail: Mitt’s Horse Talk Video Leak

With the news that Santorum has dropped out of the race, the heat’s on Romney. And what better way to alienate him from the voting public than the only-for-the-rich subject of horses?

As we recently reported, Mitt’s wife Ann is a Grand Prix dressage rider whose mare Rafalca will compete under Jan Ebeling at the World Cup Final in the Netherlands later this month.

A recently-leaked video of Mitt chatting horses with Fox News’ Sean Hannity has surfaced on Gawker.

[Click here to watch the video]

ABC’s “The Note” blog has since speculated that Mitt’s horse ownership classifies him as a “rich out-of-toucher,” further elaborating that “dressage is very competitive horse riding in which the animal’s mane is often braided and the riders wear top hats and long coats.”

Often-braided manes? Really, ABC? You get paid for that research?

Whether you love Romney or loathe him, I think we all agree: As the race heats up, we equestrians must prepare ourselves for what’ll probably be one of the worst onslaughts of horrible horse puns (and ridiculous equestrian misinformation) in mainstream media history.

And if you see something, say something: We at HN will do our best to highlight, laugh heartily and bring light to all the horsey mishaps along the way.

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