Adoptable Horses of the Week: ‘Lola’ and ‘Big Mac’

Looking for a horse with a giant personality? Both Lola and Big Mac are residents of our April featured rescue, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch near Union, Missouri.

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Dignity. Always Dignity. Lola lives these immortal words of Don Lockwood. Make no mistake, though, for this mare has game, and lots of it. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets: but with somebody she respects, she /wants/ to cross the ends of the earth. Never forgetting she will nonetheless play little, subtle games of dominance, testing your worth. Maybe it’s ignoring your Very Obvious cue to go left. Maybe it’s scooting in a little too close to your bubble. Maybe it’s simply not lifting her hoof until you ask exactly the right way. With somebody she enjoys, she is happy to work in the arena and out on the trails, brave and true and unafraid of anything that might cross her path–a testament to her journey from near starvation to health. Lola is a pretty light brown Quarter Horse type mare, 15.1 hands high and approximately five years old. For more information contact Longmeadow Rescue Ranch or find details here.

Big Mac:

This Belgian gelding knows exactly how much power he wields! Nine years old and 17.2 hands high–even his head is stronger than many grown men! He is particularly handsome with his sorrel coat and all-seeing eyes. For those special few who know how to communicate with him, he will be soft as pudding in your hands, performing all manner of movement from simple turns to side-passing. All his gaits are smooth–but they sound like thunder! He is a particularly comfortable to ride bareback with a halter! He likes to have company in the pasture and when he is out with a human he respects, his attention is held fast. If he doesn’t respect you, whooo baby! His disrespect means that much bigger a problem due to his massive size! Big Mac will not let you win any tug-of-war contests–you absolutely have to earn his trust. For more information on Big Mac, go here.

Visit Longmeadow’s adoption page to see all of their adoptable animals.

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