You Win! Horse Lovers Camera contest

Congratulations to Risa Flamm, winner of the Horse Lovers Camera app contest. The app allows users to superimpose tiny, lifelike horses onto photos taken with your smartphone. We tested the app out here.

Risa will receive an iPhone sound system for her winning entry:

“Hey flight attendant, let me in!!”

Risa writes, “I WON I WON!!! So I was a little bummed I didn’t win the Mega Millions this week, but I won the Horse Lovers Camera contest which is WAY cooler! I was on a business trip from St. Louis to San Diego, and as I am staring out the window trying to pass the time I remembered that Wylie had just introduced us all to the Horse Lovers Camera and so my entertainment began….

The hardest part was trying to decide which one of my pictures to submit. Here are some of the others that were in the running. I take this little friend everywhere I go, stay tuned for more adventures.”

 “The mare really floats in her dressage test!”

“Loose horse!”

Download the basic app today from iTunes for free.

Good work, Risa. Go Horse Lovers Camera, and Go Riding!

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