Adoptable Horse of the Week: ‘Duncan’

Duncan is feisty and a little stubborn… until you give him a job to do. Learn more about this special pony, based at our April featured rescue Longmeadow Rescue Ranch near Union, MO.

A GIGANTIC thanks to making this fantastic series possible.

From Longmeadow:

The first horse we’d like to feature is Duncan, an 8-year-old Connemara pony, 13.1 hands high. He’s feisty and stubborn, as ponies usually are. He came to Longmeadow as a stray stallion, and we could tell right away that he had been spoiled absolutely rotten by his previous owners. We gelded him but he likes to get his way anyway–but he is all bluff. Once you get his attention and respect, he rides very nicely at the walk, trot and canter, and has been ridden in both English and Western styles. Duncan lights up when he’s asked to jump, and his form improves as the jumps get higher! He is a thinking pony who likes to be engaged in activity, and is very willing to please–when he’s in the mood. He is a pony, after all!

With consistent expectations, Duncan will grow in his skills and thrive as somebody’s partner in crime. Visit his page here and watch his video below.

If Duncan is not your flavor, we have plenty of other horses and ponies available. For those who like to jump, there’s Amelia, a dainty black mare who has won county fair classes while in a foster home, and Dakota, a spicy bay mare with more than enough speed to win any race across the field. Buckskin lovers will enjoy Simone and Marcella, and Prince, a bay Hackney, is green broke to the harness and cart. Visit our adoption page to see all our animals.

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