Tuesday Morning Feed from Dubarry

Blogging isn’t just for self-absorbed computer nerds. It can be an incredibly useful tool for horsepeople.

My first foray into blogging was in 2009, when I started www.wylie-eventing.com mainly as a way to keep in touch with clients about their horses’ training progress without having to call them all the time. Whenever an owner wanted to see what their horse was up to, they could just go online and get a full progress report about how their horse went on that particular day. It was a great way to keep owners connected and ensure that they felt included in the training progress.

Then, gradually, the blog morphed into something else. I used it to diagram jumping exercises and record notes from clinics. I filled it with photographs and videos. The entries got more personal. And… thousands of people started reading it.

I haven’t updated my own blog since Horse Nation launched in February; by the end of any given day, I’m pretty much out of words. But I still love reading other horsepeople’s blogs, getting an inside perspective of their personal and professional lives.

Starting today, Horse Nation is going to begin spotlighting some of our favorite blogs on a regular basis. Some will be inspiring, some hilarious, and some educational. If you know of an awesome blog you think deserved to be on our radar, please feel free to send me a link.

As a final thought, consider the benefits of keeping a blog yourself. It’s a great way to keep track of your own progress, record everyday memories that might otherwise be forgotten, and reflect on training problems (oftentimes, a possible solution would come to mind while I was in the process of writing). And you never know when your shared experience may help someone else who’s in a similar situation.

Go blogging, and Go Riding.


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