Grand Finale: Plankers of the Day

America, you’ve got planking talent–behold our last batch of equine planking contestants. Tomorrow we’ll reveal the finalists!!

Top photo submitted by: Lynn Travers
Notes: “Barbie’s Lil’ Pony Plank. Notice she’s safely wearing her helmet! No ponies where harmed in the production of this plank. Idea credit–Mark Travers. Photographer–Lynn Travers

Submitted by: Kirbi Rogers

Notes: “Planking taken to a whole new level.”

Submitted by: Heather Walters.

Submitted by: Rebecca Jacobson, English instructor and coach at Alfred University

Notes: “Here is our program director at Alfred University’s equestrian center, Nancy Kohler. Even she stepped out of the office to have a little fun!!”

Submitted by: Lynn Travers

Notes: “Hanging log jump plank”

Submitted by: Kassie Schuerr

Notes: “My daughter Lindsey planking on our obstacle course. Large sand platform and also balancing on the horse-sized teeter totter.”

Submitted by: Lynn Travers

Notes: “Double mini pony plank”

Submitted by: Lynn Travers

Notes: “The ‘couldn’t get anyone to jump over me’ plank (prob a good thing, huh?)

Submitted by: Lynn Travers

Notes: “Tractor plank”

Submitted by: Lindsey Hellmuth, Emily Hunter, and Emily Maguder

Notes: “A blonde, a brunette and a redhead walk into a barn and…”

Submitted by: Lynn Travers

Notes: “Icelandic pony backwards plank”

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