Your Turn: Reader ‘Oh $h!t’ submissions

As we’ve mentioned before, there is a special place in HN’s heart for people who take videos of themselves falling off, set them to music, and post them on YouTube. Way to own it, kids.

Here are some of our favorite reader/writer submissions so far:

This one is from Laura Szeremi. Laura is a delightfully insane Texan and author of the hilarious blog, Tales from a Bad Eventer. (Editor’s note: I’ve seen Laura ride and she’s actually an excellent eventer, she’s just had some “challenging” horses over the years.) She sent us a link to this blooper reel, in which she actually doesn’t fall off–somehow.)

HN columnist Katie Passerotti sent us this video of herself and her pony Goldie from around 10 years ago. “She was really awesome about stopping at a fence if I jumped ahead,” Katie explains. My favorite part, though, is the YouTube description, in which Katie sings the pony’s praises, calling her “the best horse ever” even though she gets dumped in the video. That’s true love, Katie

Reader Christina Tabacco-Weber sends another video with this description: “Although the fences are intsy weensy this was our first year showing at horse trials. I got him the year before as a 7-year-old OTTB. He did not know much. This was about 3 fences into our round. This is from Good Shepherd Horse Trial 1999. I don’t know why he did not like this fence. No one was hurt. I got back on and finished the round.” Way to persevere, Christina!

HN writer Laura Cox submitted this video of a cross-country lesson way back when on her first horse, a chestnut Arabian mare named Fannie. What I love about this video is the response from Laura’s trainer and all the bystanders. When Laura falls off, the crowd completely bypasses questions like, “Are you OK, Laura” and begins cheering because they have a videotape to submit to America’s Funniest Home Videos. (The clip did, in fact, make it onto the show.)

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