Adoptable Horse of the Week v2.0: ‘Ulysses’

Because we love you and want you to be happy, this week we’re bringing you not one, but two (2!), adoptable horses. On Tuesday, we introduced you to Fancy; today, meet Ulysses.

About Ulysses (located at White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue in Burkeville, VA):

You’ve finished painting the barn, you’re done upgrading and painting the fence, and that grass you planted in the pasture has assumed a brilliant shade of emerald green. In your dreams. Because no one is ever really caught up on all that stuff. But in reality, the barn is actually pretty serviceable, the fence safe and there is enough decent grass for reasonable forage. You even have a quiet little pasture puff out there that you can see from your window. One that you no longer ride, but who is perfectly happy out there by himself.

Except for the giant “I AM LONELY” that he has grazed in letters visible from 10,000 feet, hoping to attract your attention.

Being the observant horse owner that you are, you think this might mean something. Horses are herd animals, after all, and it isn’t out of the question to think that he might actually need a buddy. But where would you find such a horse friend? One that will get along with your guy (or gal) and brighten up your backyard at the same time?

To help you with this pressing question, we’d like to introduce you to Ulysses. Ulysses is a really attractive 21-year-old, 16-plus hand black blanket Appaloosa gelding with a sparkling personality. He’s a horse with not only flash, but presence and he would look fantastic in your pasture. Ulysses is personable and energetic, but not sound to ride.

He has an old knee break that that did not heal correctly. As a result, he forms bone spurs at the joint that, during his occasional periods of exuberance, break off. This really hurts, and he goes from mildly lame to very ouchy lame. As soon as the spur starts to heal, he starts feeling rambunctious again and then re-injures himself, starting the cycle over again. For that reason, our veterinarian has suggested that his best buddy be a quiet, low energy horse that will not encourage him to overexert himself. Steroid injections have not helped his condition and it is a problem that is best managed in a quiet environment.

Other than that, he is a very healthy boy. And really handsome. These pictures do not do him justice. If you are ever going to get a pasture buddy, why not one that looks like this?

Interested in Ulysses? Or any of the other amazing horses available at White Bird? Click here!

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