Thursday Morning Feed

Good morning Horse Nation! After yesterday’s “Fit to Ride” column I bet you woke up today feeling pumped like an Eminem song, all ready to get in shape. I bet, right after you get finished reading Morning Feed, you’re going to lace up your kicks and go sailing around the neighborhood like a gazelle. People will see you out their windows, and they’ll say to each other, “Look at that [insert your name here] go. I heard he/she rides horses.”

Which is great! But now take a moment to imagine what your horse is doing right now. I guarantee you he’s not getting in some early-morning interval training out in the field. Rather, he’s probably stuffing his face, all the while thinking about what he’s going to stuff his face with next.

What I’m trying to say is, you can be the fittest equestrian on the block, but if your horse isn’t fit as well, you’re gonna be right back at square one. You’ve got to be your horse’s fat coach as well.

Today, Horse Nation is following up on yesterday’s “Fit to Ride” with the introduction to a new series on horse fitness by Katie Passerotti. We love Katie, who you might remember from stories like “Everything I Need to Know about Horses I Learned from the Movies” and “Are You and Your Horse Compatible?” Anyway, if Katie’s writing it, you know it’s going to be fun–and highly informative as well. Today she’ll be explaining why horse fitness is JUST as important as rider fitness, if not even more so, and how to start incorporating some fitness-minded work into your daily regimen.

In other departments, we’ve got lots to look forward to today: more plankers, “The Secret Life of McKenna and Dorito” and much, much more. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when you get back from your 10-mile run. Go get ’em, kid.

Go Riding!

My buddy Kaitlyn's horse Casey "working out" on the underwater treadmil at Still Creek Farm in Landrum, SC.

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