Horse Freaks and Freak Horses: A very curious new series

Today, we present to you Linus the Oregon Long-Haired Wild Wonder Horse. Linus, and his 14-foot-long mane, was the headliner of a late 19th-century traveling circus show.

According to very, um, credible internet sources, Linus was a descendent of the now-extinct breed known as the Oregon Long-Haired Wild Wonder Horses. The Wonder Horses were a herd that roamed freely throughout the mountains of Oregon, known for their chestnut color and their Rapunzel-esque locks.

Linus’ mane and tail reportedly grew three inches each month. Accounts of exactly how long his hair was vary, ranging from 14 to 21 feet. When he wasn’t being displayed, his hair was carefully rolled up and secured in a bag.

Originally owned by the Rutherford brothers of Marion, Oregon, Linus was sold to the Eaton brothers of Maine who made him the headliner of their traveling circus show. His hair was quite the crowd pleaser and, at one point, Linus was even featured in the magazine Scientific American.

Linus was killed by lightning strike at age 10 but sired a son, Linus II, before he went. Linus carried on in his father’s hoofsteps as a circus attraction.

Thanks to Tally for bringing Linus to Horse Nation’s attention. If you have any tips about horse freaks or freak horses you’d like to share, please email them to [email protected].

Photos: Messy Beast

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