Your Turn: Brokeback riding

Sometimes, the only thing you can do to keep from crying is laugh. And maybe purchase a lottery ticket. Sarahrose Brannan airs her financial grievances.

From Sarahrose:

Truth: Training, we needs some.

Bigger Truth: Training, cannot afford.

It’s not that I feel I’m the best rider in the world – far from it. It’s that I currently have overdue bills and struggle to fill my SUV weekly, and the vets coming out soon ($), then the dentist ($$), and lastly the chiropractor ($$$), not to mention the last time I had any kind of adjustment was when I fell on my butt getting in the bath tub last week.

I haven’t seriously attempted to ride since… November maybe? Had double knee surgery in December (bye bye horse trailer fund), and just started to attempt to ride my hellish crazed sweet, loveable yet “fresh” mare Lizzy. I’m pretty sure most people have to believe in God or a higher power or heaven or some kind of something that will take care of them in the event that our insane dreams of riding 1,200lb animals ends badly. As I was recovering from knee surgery, I did ride, at least once a week, bareback, at a walk. Lizzy was a saint. She’s apparently caught on to the idea that her mom is now almost three full months better, and therefore she must test out my inner thigh strength.

Good meaning friends have offered to ride the crazed thoroughbred for me. They’ve even offered to let me ride their own horses until I get my “riding strength” back. What saints. The reality of it is, these friends have never seen my horse do handstands or walk on her hind legs. They’ve seen her do very well on trails and over fences, and see how great she is in the barn. They don’t believe she’s absolutely insane after time off!

Other well meaning friends have suggested training and lessons… wow really??? I would have NEVER thought of calling my trainer!!! ( I miss her dearly)… I wish people understood, that money does not grow on my tree as it seems to on theirs.

Problems: I cannot afford to fix my friends if my horse breaks them, I cannot afford to have my favorite trainer come out and rider her. I cannot afford lessons on a school horse to ensure my position is perfect while I’m getting back in the swing of things.

Solution: I will continue to ride the crazed Princess until she gets her act together and realizes all the “FUN” that riding can be.

If anyone out there knows of a potential third job I can grab to help me attain this goal of affording things, please let me know… however between class, farm work, real work and riding, I guess I’d have to start working over nights! Oh, the joy of horses!!!

About Sarahrose: I’m a rabid eventing junkie from Area 1. I have been and always will be obsessed with any and everything horse related. My mare and I are just starting to realize our dreams of eventing (read: will hopefully do our first ever event soon!), but I have ridden everything from western pleasure to hunters, and even spend a summer trying my hand at gaming and team penning. Go Eventing and Go Riding!

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