Tuesday Morning Feed by Dubarry

Among the many “highly professional” strategies we employ here at Horse Nation is the one where we throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks. I never really know what you guys are going to love and what’s going to make you say “meh,” and although I’m getting a better handle on it with every passing day, I’m continually surprised and impressed by your wide range of horsey interests.

One of the biggest surprise hits came by way of the popularity of our western coverage, which has been fairly limited thus far but is hopefully on the rise. In particular, you guys can’t get enough of Kristen Kovatch’s “In My Boots” column every Tuesday. Kristen takes a unique approach in that she discusses topics that are relevant to the western world in a way that’s accessible to any equestrian enthusiast no matter what their discipline.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this thing for one reason: We dig horses. No matter what shape of saddle is on its back, if it has four legs and it whinnies, we’re into it. I personally think it’s super-cool that you guys are so open-minded and interested in not only what’s going on in your own personal horse-world bubble, but what’s going on in other folks’ bubbles as well. That’s what citizenship in the Horse Nation is all about.

Go Riding.

Emma hearts Bristol. Photo: HN


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