Hey! It’s the weekend

Congratulations, fellow horse freaks, you made it to the weekend. Saturday is Saint Patrick’s Day, and fittingly, it’s drizzling here in East Tennessee–a fine Irish mist as they say–and I’m already on my second Irish Car Bomb of the morning. (Guinness + Bailey’s + Jameson = yum.)

Nah, I’m kidding about that last part. I’m a classy lady–I always wait until after lunch to start drinking.

Kidding again! Hi mom.

Anyway, back when I used to be cool, I spent a few months working for a music magazine in Dublin. I was too broke to indulge in any of those classic Irish equestrian vacation activities, like galloping a rented draught-cross named Shamrock along sea-swept cliffs, but if there was a free horsey activity to be had, I was there. Every Saturday during the summer, I packed a sandwich, a book and a blanket and walked four miles across town to the polo fields at Phoenix Park. I’d lay around all afternoon, watching the hot polo players, I mean, the pretty ponies–truly, it was heaven on earth. And don’t even get me started on the Dublin Horse Show.

Anyway, enough tempting myself to make impulse plane-ticket purchases. We’ve got some fun, festive, Irish-themed posts coming your way today, so stay tuned!

Go riding.


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