The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito: Just the facts

McKenna’s back this week with a Top 20 list of  “Things You Didn’t Know About Me.” My favorite: McKenna likes to walk around the house in her cross-country vest, just because she can.

From McKenna:

The “teen sensation” has returned for more insanity! I’m proud to announce that my light blue Point Two air vest did NOT explode while XC schooling!! Mr. D was super–he was on cloud nine and is totally cocky now, he thinks he’s the bomb diggity. On Sunday he impressed me with his dressage and our hard work paid off!…or was it really just  my new clincher browband? Let’s go with the browband. I think it has magical powers. I had a chance to see our own Abby Gibbon in action with her wonderful mare, Prima. I didn’t get a chance to actually say hello to Abby before she started warming up as I was doing barnwork but Abby, I was the creepy girl in the royal blue jacket, stalking you with a camera so I could get some cool shots for my film photography project, consider this our formal hello. 🙂

I know you’ve been dying to know more about me. So Horse Nation, I am here to meet your desire. You’re now 20 facts closer to knowing me.

20. The back wall of my room is COVERED with cut out eventing pictures.
19. My friend’s mom thinks I should be a news anchor or something along those lines because I’m always in-the-know and am usually the first to find out about things.
17. I’m obsessed with Ellen DeGeneres. I watch her every day, and if I miss a day or two, I have an Ellen marathon by myself… in my room.. laughing.. all by my lone self.
16. I want to be on Ellen’s show sooooo bad.
15. I’m pretty short and have been the munchkin my whole life; I’m about 5’4”
14. I’ve had the pleasure of taking clinics and/or lessons from: Hannah Sue Burnett, Stephen Bradley, Eric Dierks, Phyllis Dawson, DOC, KOC, and Cathy Weishhoff.
13. A day and a half before I left for O’Connor Camp in 2010 I got strep throat.
12. I’m single and ready to mingle
11. I like to make friends on the internet… fellow eventers are just SO nice!
10. At my first event ever I scored a 31 in dressage but proceeded to crash and fall off at the first fence on my Elementary show jumping course.
9. At the end of the season I got a light blue Point Two (thanks to Point Two for holding Facebook competitions!) and sometimes I walk around my house wearing it because I feel special… you may also catch me stroking it.
8. I’ve fallen off of Dorito over 45 times throughout the six years I’ve been riding him
7. I don’t actually own Dorito–Vannessa Armstrong does and she’s been very kind in letting me do whatever I want with him!
6. I’m a really funny, outgoing person but when I’m on the horse, especially in a lesson, it’s all business.
5. I’m extremely competitive. I HATE losing… consider this your warning if we are ever playing a game together
4. I’ve played volleyball my whole life but I decided to stop playing it competitive when I was 11 so I could devote more time to horsing around.
3. I’m a rider stalker. I know anyone and everyone.
2. One of my biggest struggles in riding is my confidence and trusting Dorito.
1. I won Eventing Nation’s Nunn Finer Contest (**oh yeah, that’s where I know this chick from!**)

This weekend I’ll be out and about competing at the Maryland Horse Trials first ever Derby Cross!!! Super excited for obvious reasons… and especially since it’s my first derby cross! If you see me feel free to say hey (remember I’ll be the girl on the spotted pony, decked out in light blue but in a classy way)–I promise I don’t bite.

Until next Thursday, I’ll be trying to not to fall off.

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